What are the current international policies in the USA?

Several international development policies have been put in place by the USA for some time to revitalize the state. These policies are in the news worldwide and it is important for everyone to get a feel for them. So what are these policies? We tell you everything in this article.

Modernization of US alliances

Since President Joe Biden took office, several strategic policies are being implemented to reinvigorate international collaborations. This policy of modernization of alliances concerns the NATO states, the African states and the Indo-Pacific.

This policy envisages improving American leadership in major foreign institutions in the face of global challenges such as climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic. Here, the policy is also intended to be a channel for privileged diplomacy with states in partnership with the United States of America.

Foreign Policy for American Workers and Their Families

This policy seeks to reorganize the working conditions of every American worker abroad. During his speech on this policy, Secretary of Administration Antony J. Blinken drew the people's attention to the means to be implemented. These means are the strategies necessary to make the state stronger in the world by investing more in the workers both domestically and internationally.

The policy of strategic competition with China

This policy is one of the most important strategies established by President Biden to carry out his mandate. China is an important target for the US because of its growing influence around the world. The State wishes to put an end to any type of opposition, conflicts or wars. For this, the President wishes to collaborate with this power in order to avoid the involvement of the American army in the conflicts in Afghanistan for example.

Thus, it should be noted that these different policies being implemented in the USA allow a strengthening of democracy in America and in all partner countries. They also appear to be a safer way to fight against authoritarianism, which is on the rise.