May 27, 2017

Why Attend Eagle?

Would you like a school where your children will not be exposed to the harmful influences of the world?

Would you like a school where a Christ-centered curriculum is taught?

Would you like a school that tailors to the individual needs of your child?

Would you like a school that fits into your schedule?

Would you like a school that frees you from the sole responsibility of providing your child's education?

Would you like a school you could attend anywhere, anytime?

A Quality Education with a Personal Touch

Discipleship -- Our goal is to mentor students and encourage them to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through a model of professionalism and personal commitment to Christian values.
Quality Education -- Our goal is to provide a comprehensive curriculum that engages a wide-range of learning opportunities, outside the standard classroom, equips students to evaluate ideas from a Christian perspective, and enables students to reach their future educational goals.

Our goal is to partner with parents in assessing individual academic strengths and weaknesses, and to provide tools for skill development.

-- Our goal is to provide a distance-education program which allows students anywhere in the world access to a quality, Christ-centered education that fits into their schedule. Our program offers the flexibility to schedule school time around ministry, work, vacations and special health needs.

Our administrators and teachers are dedicated to providing a Godly atmosphere where students grow spiritually and academically. Discipleship is the most important aspect of our ministry. We are all His children and we each need the strength and support of other brothers and sisters in the Lord. The Eagle family (parents, students, administrators, and teachers) provide that strength and support for each other.

We are an online school that follows a standard school calendar with 16 week semesters.  Our classes are taught through an online portal where curriculum and due dates are listed for student assignments.  We offer class discussions and individual message centers for each class which allows students and teachers to have direct interaction through Skype.

Teachers prepare their lessons using a variety of media (websites, audio, video, presentations, etc). Some classes also require the purchase of textbooks or other supplementary material. Teachers will work with students to ensure understanding of the information presented. Each teacher holds office hours on Skype to allow students to contact teachers through a live chat format for extra assistance.  Class grade books are online and may be viewed by parents through their account.

Parents are an integral part of our program.  Teachers work closely with the parents apprising them of their student's progress. Students will be asked to plan their week around assignment deadlines.  They will learn to manage their time wisely and work efficiently.  Students will be able to concentrate on what must be done and have more time for non-school activities that are important to them.

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Congratulations on being able to create a warm and personal learning environment through distance education.
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