May 27, 2017


Mrs. Marcia Snyder
Marcia grew up in a loving Christian home nestled on the west shore of Flathead Lake in northwestern Montana.  At the age of 7 Marcia asked Jesus to be Lord of her life.  Throughout her childhood she grew to love the Lord more and more and made her stand as a sophomore that she would go where ever God would lead her.  Marcia is a graduate of Flathead High School in Kalispell, Montana and graduated from Western Montana College in Dillon in 1984 with an Associates Degree in Business and a Bachelors Degree in Business Education. That summer she was married and spent the next two years teaching in Melstone, Montana. After this she and her husband Jeff decided to start a family and she stayed home to raise their two children. In 1994 she started a part-time job at Valley Christian School and went back to school. She attended the University of Montana and received an endorsement in Library Sciences two years later. She worked at Valley Christian for eleven years teaching in the Library and various Business classes until 2005. She began teaching online for Eagle Christian School from it's beginning in 1996.  Now Marcia is back living in her childhood home and continues to teach and oversee Eagle Christian School as the principal.  "I enjoy the opportunity to meet students from around the world and want to encourage them and build them up to be disciples for the Lord."

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A lot of the greatness of this year is due to Eagle Christian School. You have been supportive of my schedule and responded to any difficulties without delay.
a student from UAE