May 27, 2017

How the Satellite Program Works

The student needs to have access to a computer, email, a scanner, headset w/microphone and the internet to use our program.  They should also have a quiet place to work, as much of their work will be done off-line.  

Since the classes are not "live" you may schedule the student's time at your convenience, but it is helpful if it is a regularly scheduled time.  We strongly encourage you to have the computer in a monitored setting whenever a student is on the internet.

A student begins the week by checking their class(es) to see the assignments for the week.  Depending on the class, the assignments may require internet access, research, writing, or reading.  

The teacher holds regular office hours and the student should be encouraged to interact with the teacher often.  This is one of the benefits of our program, but not all students take advantage of it.

A student must be disciplined in staying on task for the assignments. Deadlines and due dates are very important in our program.   Discipline is one of the keys to success.  Anything you can do to help students stay on task will be of great benefit to the students.

Our teachers will often try to set up "live" interactions (group meetings, chats, etc.).  If you are unable to accommodate those, be sure your contact person on the staff lets the teacher know.  

We will try to keep your staff contact informed of the progress of your student(s).  The staff contact or another approved staff member may serve as a proctor for exams.

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