April 27, 2017

Our History

Eagle Christian School began offering classes over the internet in 1996.  While that doesn't seem like a long time, it makes us one of the old timers in this field!

We are excited about each student the Lord has brought us through the years. They bring insights, experiences and skills that benefit everyone in the program. We look forward to what He will do in each of their lives.

From the beginning, our desire has been to minister to Christian families who don't have access to a quality Christian school where they live.

We resisted suggestions to get into correspondence education a number of years ago, because we could not figure out how to effectively disciple through the mail where sometimes weeks would pass between communications. But the technology available today allows for a very effective means of communication between students and teachers and provides excellent tools for teaching.

The internet also allows for some quality learning experiences that are not available in the normal classroom. We're a little biased, but we believe the education a student can get online today surpasses that available in the average classroom.

Eagle Christian is the digital learning ministry of Valley Christian School, a K-12 program located in Missoula, Montana. Valley Christian ministers to 325 students here in western Montana and has been in operation for 30 years. The school board of Valley Christian oversees the operations of Eagle Christian School.

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The flexibility that Eagle Christian School gives allows our daughter to spend many hours a day training her horses and still have time in the evenings or other times of the day to do her school work. She is very glad we were able to find such a good school that gives her the freedom to pursue her horse related interests and goals.
a mom from Maryland