May 27, 2017

Technology/Career Education

Graduation Requirment 1.0 credit. Business courses provide students with skills and techniques that help them understand opportunities in the business world. Students can learn how to use office software, build web pages and apply accounting principles.
(Note: an 'A' designation after the course name means first semester of curriculum and 'B' indicates the second semester.)

Course List

BUS 101 TECH - Technology Education
Description Grade 9 Requirement
OR any NEW HS student
Semester Course

This is a semester course designed to teach the basics of computer use and the skills necessary to effectively navigate the eagle portal. Students will be introduced to the standard formats that will be required for Eagle school curriculum, will become effective users of the computer applications required and will learn to effectively navigate the “world wide web” and will learn how to troubleshoot a variety of issues. Students will also develop a “portfolio” that will be added to throughout their school career.

Unit 00: Keyboarding Skills
Unit 01: Introduction to the Eagle Portal
Unit 02: Computer Basics
Unit 03: Formatting Guide
Unit 04: Applications
Unit 05: Student Portfolio

Printer & Scanner

BUS 201 OFFICE - Microsoft Office - A
Description Grades 10-12 Business Elective
Prerequisite: Typing 35wpm

Microsoft Office is designed to integrate the knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software with related business skills.  Semester A will deal primarily with the word processing software and building a solid foundation of practical computer skills.  We will also work to refine students’ foundational keyboarding skills.

Unit 1:  Microsoft Office Basics
Unit 2:  Getting Started with Word
Unit 3:  Basic Editing Skills
Unit 4:  Formatting Basics
Unit 5:  Creating Tables
Unit 6:  Creating Documents with Merge
Unit 7:  Practical Application
Unit 8:  Simulation
Unit 9:  Additional Formatting & Editing
Semester Exam


BUS 301 ACCT - Accounting - A
Description Grades 11-12 Business Elective
College Prep Requirement

Accounting is the process of recording, analyzing and using financial information. Nearly every business and financial transaction involves some type of accounting. Learning accounting will help almost anyone who makes business or personal financial decisions, such as a taxpayer, investor or business owner. Accounting knowledge will help you to understand the meaning of the financial information presented to you.

This course is designed to teach the rules and procedures of accounting for a profit-motivated business. This knowledge will enable students to keep accurate financial records and give them the skills necessary to make wise business decisions with honesty and integrity. The course will also give the students opportunities to explore a variety of accounting careers.

We will integrate God’s principles of finance throughout the course. Scripture teaches that money is a trust from God and must be earned and managed according to scriptural principles.  

Unit 1: Exploring Careers
Unit 2: World of Business and Accounting
Unit 3: Business Transactions and the Accounting Equation
Unit 4: Transactions that Affect Assets, Liabilities, Owner’s Equity
Unit 5: Transactions that Affect Revenue, Expenses, Withdrawals
Unit 6: Recording Transactions in General Journal
Unit 7: Posting Journal Entries to General Ledger Accounts
Unit 8: Six-Column Work Sheet
Unit 9: Financial Statements for a Sole Proprietorship
Unit 10: Completing the Accounting Cycle for a Sole Proprietorship
Final Exam

Calculator/Adding Machine
5” Ruler
Mechanical Pencil
Blue Ball Point Pen
Scanner & Printer
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MATH 401 FIN - Financial Math 1 (MVCA)

TECH ED - Technology Education (MVCA)

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