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You must take a Bible class each year you are enrolled as a full-time student at Eagle. Thus, if you were a full-time student for your Junior and Senior years, you would only be required to have 2 years of Bible.
(Note: an 'A' designation after the course name means first semester of curriculum and 'B' indicates the second semester.)

Course List

BIB 101 OT - OT Survey - A
Description 9th Grade Requirement
Old Testament Survey will give you a basic understanding of the Old Testament and how it shows the coming of the Messiah to the Hebrew nation.  You will learn about obedience and the consequences for not obeying the Lord’s commands.  You will see how God’s hand works in the lives of people.  You will discover how each book points to the Messiah and that the Messiah is the Lord Jesus Christ.  By the end of the year you will be able to express how the Old Testament points directly to Jesus as the Messiah, what godly wisdom is, how to search the Scriptures for that wisdom, and how to defend your position when discussing things of the Lord with others.

Unit 1:  How to Approach the Bible
Unit 2:  Creation Stage
Unit 3:  Patriarch Stage
Unit 4:  Exodus Stage
Unit 5:  The Conquest Stage
Unit 6:  The United Kingdom Stage


BIB 201 NT - NT Survey - A
Description 10th Grade Requirement
This is a course directed toward teaching who Jesus is, what a Christ-like life is, how we are to live that Christ-like life, and our responsibilities toward God, our families, and others.  By the end of the year the student will understand their position in Christ, how to share their testimony of faith in Christ and how to lead another to salvation in Christ.

Unit 1:  How to approach the Bible
Unit 2:  The Gospels
Unit 3:  History
Unit 4:  Pauline Epistles


BIB 301 LIFE - Life in Christ (Fall)
Description 11th Grade Requirement
Students will spend the year learning what it means to live for Christ in today's world. This semester deals with the book of Proverbs and God's wisdom:  what is it, how do you get it, how do you apply it in everyday life.  The student will be preparing for using this wisdom in the home, workplace and college life.  We will discuss different areas such as friendships, words, discipline, diligence and others.

Unit 1:  Wisdom-What is It?
Unit 2:  Be a Wise Guy
Memory Midterm
Unit 3 How to Succeed
Unit 4 Relationships
Final Memory
Final Exam


BIB 401 APLGTCS - Apologetics (Fall)
Description 12th Grade Requirement
Students study the many convincing proofs for Christianity and the importance of being able to share with others with "gentleness and respect."

Unit 1:  Developing a Christian Worldview
Christian Graffiti
Unit 2:  Historical Evidence for the Bible
Memory Midterm
Final Memory
Final Exam


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