March 30, 2017


Graduation Requirment 2.0 credits. Science courses are taught from a creationist viewpoint while drawing distinctives between the evolutionist views of our modern cultures and the advances of creation science.
(Note: an 'A' designation after the course name means first semester of curriculum and 'B' indicates the second semester.)

Course List

SCI 022 LIFE - JH Life Science - B (2016-17)
Description Grades 7 -8 History Requirement
Offered on 2 year rotation

This is a 7th & 8th grade class focusing on the study of living things -- their structure, function and classification.

Unit 6  Animal Structure and Function - Zoology
Unit 7  Ecology
Unit 8  Human Anatomy and Physiology


SCI 031 PHYSICAL - JH Physical Science - A (2015-16)
Description Grades 7 -8 History Requirement
Offered on 2 year rotation

This course will teach the basic science of physical and technology.  Concepts of creationism vs. evolution will be weaved throughout the course. The course will also focus on "learning by doing," with practical experience gained through real life assignments and will consist of assigned readings, assignments and science projects.

Unit 1 Biblical Creationism
Unit 2 God and Science
Unit 3 Weather Unit


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We are so happy Karen could have you for a teacher. She really likes school and the assignment challenges. We are proud of her because we had no idea how she would do after homeschooling having nothing to compare to it. We are so happy that she transitioned well.
a JH parent