May 27, 2017

Social Studies

Graduation Requirment 3.0 credits. History courses are taught with a Christian worldview in mind. Students learn to see God's hand throughout history as they discover events that have shaped our community, country and world.
(Note: an 'A' designation after the course name means first semester of curriculum and 'B' indicates the second semester.)

Course List

HIST 031 JH - JH History (1950-2000) A (2015-2016)
Description Grades 7 -8 History Requirement
Offered on 2 year rotation

Students will study selected World history for the second half of the 20th century. (1950-2000)

Introduction - Discovering Encarta, Overview of 20th Century (1950-2000)
Unit 1: 1950-1960
Unit 2: 1960-1970

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