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You must take a Bible class each year you are enrolled as a full-time student at Eagle. Thus, if you were a full-time student for your Junior and Senior years, you would only be required to have 2 years of Bible.
(Note: an 'A' designation after the course name means first semester of curriculum and 'B' indicates the second semester.)

Course List

BIB 031 MIRACLES - JH Bible/PE (Miracles) - A (2015-16)
Description Grades 7 -8 Bible/PE Requirement Offered on 2 year rotation
Junior high student will set up and maintain a regular fitness program throughout the school year.  Students will keep track of workouts done and evaluate their progress with the instructor, by submitting weekly workout reports. 

  Students read the Gospel of John and study the miracles of Jesus as John presents them. Assignments include developing a spiritual contract by which students weekly evaluate their spiritual walk and responding to the portions of John's Gospel they read each week. Students will learn an inductive Bible study method (5Ws: who, what, where, why and when) to gain understanding as they read the Bible, participate in discussions and complete assignments about Jesus' miracles. They will use online biblical resources like concordances, dictionaries, etc.

Overview of Spiritual Reports
Unit 1: The Bible, God's Word
Unit 2:  What is a miracle
Unit 3:  Miracles of Jesus
Unit 4:  Miracles of Jesus cont'd

Spiral Notebook
Printer & Scanner

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