May 27, 2017

Course Costs

Tuition Schedule

  • $100 non-refundable registration fee (due at time of registration)
  • $700 per course (1-4 courses)
  • Full-time student is $3,500 (5-6 courses)
          *Additional course fee of $350/course

Tuition fees include: Technology fee and Online textbooks


Tuition is due in FULL before the 1st day of school OR payable in 10 equal payments due before the end of the school year. Payments are due on the 15th of the month [Aug - May]

Multiple children from the same family enrolled as full-time students receive the following discount.

  • 2nd child discount - $200

  • 3rd+ child discount - $250

$100 Tuition Discount: accounts paid in full before 1st day of school
$100 Referral Discount: for each family you refer to ECS, you receive a $100 discount off your tuition upon the approval of their enrollment.

Summer School

This is an accelerated course of study. Students   complete 16 weeks of work in 8 weeks, and will receive a full semester credit for each course completed.

  • $100 non-refundable registration fee (due at time of registration--for new students only)
  • $350/course (no more than 3 courses)

Tuition is due in FULL at the beginning of the semester OR payable in 2 equal payments due before the end of the semester. Payments are due the 15th of the month [June-July]

The $100 registration fee is non-refundable

If a student officially withdraws by notifying the Eagle Principal and receiving confirmation of withdrawal before the first day of classes, tuition paid is refunded; however, the $100 registration fee is non-refundable.

Students are required to pay the full month's tuition if they have attended school during any portion of that month. A student is considered to be attending school until the Principal has been sent an official withdrawal request (though email).  You will then receive an official confirmation which will include the official day of withdrawal.

Students who do not attend class but have not officially withdrawn receive an "F" grade. Non-attendance of classes does not release you from your obligation to pay this debt.

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